SMBs are our speciality

IT support –
managed services

We can manage all your tech needs… it’s like having your own IT team!

Collaborative cloud services

Implementation of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace collaborative solutions.

IT project deployment

With our made-to-measure consulting services, we can satisfy your most stringent requirements.

Protection and

Data security has become critically important for SMEs.

Equipment and licence suppliers

We can evaluate your needs and recommend the very best solution.

IT support –
managed services

We can manage all your installations… it’s like having your own IT team you can count on as a true partner.
Enjoy continuous improvement when it comes to the stability of your infrastructure with our supervisory tools and proactive maintenance. No long-term contracts. Simplify budgeting with our level monthly billing combining IT support and software licences.
Maintenance and support for servers and workstations
Maintenance and support of network infrastructure
Access to emergency services
Complete real-time access to your documentation
24/7 monitoring for your entire computer fleet
Daily monitoring of your backup status
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Collaborative cloud

Over the past few years, Ulogik has developed a depth of expertise in the implementation of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace collaborative cloud solutions. We’ve successfully carried out more than one hundred migrations to these two principle suppliers involving companies of varying size.
As experts in these two cloud-based products, we can offer you the solution that fits your specific needs to the letter.

Contact us to see if your business can break free from your on-site infrastructure and fill all your computing needs via the cloud.
Integration and architecture for Google Workspace solutions
Integration and architecture for Microsoft 365 solutions
Data migration services from your internal servers to the cloud
Cloud-to-cloud back-up services (cloud data protection)
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IT project

Since 2008, Ulogik has been successfully carrying out the production and implementation of IT projects of varying scope for companies of all sizes. With our customized consulting services, we can respond to your business’s one-of-a-kind needs.
Infrastructure migration and updates
Email migration services
Workstation renewal
Server virtualization and cloudification
Implementation of mobility solutions (telecommuting)
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Protection and

The past few years have seen a rash of digital attacks and incursions at various companies. Often neglected by SMEs, data security has become vital in an environment where cybercriminals are now targeting the smallest of firms. More than ever before, these companies are at risk!
Implementation of Onsite backup solutions
Implementation of Cloud-to-Cloud backup solutions
Disaster plan + simulation
Firewall implementation
Installation of antivirus protection
Deployment of anti-spam protection
Secure connection strategy
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Equipment and
licence suppliers

Our advisors are expert at evaluating your needs and recommending the best hardware and software in line with your budget. We distribute most products currently available on the market.
Lenovo / Dell / HP computer products
Microsoft and Google software licences
Sonicwall / Cisco / HP networking products
Printing products
Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam licences
Domain names
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